icon  Skyvere Skyblock {1.8 +}

IP Skyvere.mcnetwork.me
Port 25565
Players 0
Version 1.7.10
Country XX
Owner ifriedmonkey
Category Skyblock 
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 124148 minutes ago

Server Information/ Staff: Skyvere is a Skyblock server. You can join our server in any version above 1.8, as we're a small community and a new server staff well be required - we don't tolerate staff hoppers. Unfortunatley if you want to be come staff on our server you'll have to of played on it for atleast a week. Plugins: So this isn't a section where we list all our plugins, but a section where you have a taste of what plugins we have before you join. *ASkyblock *MINIONS *SilkSpawners *PermissionEx And much more... Rules: So our rules are basic you can do /rules on the server to list the rules. Sometimes there might be a situation what is "bad". If it's not approiate  you'll still be punished even if it's not on the servers rules. Last but not least Enjoy your time at Skyvere Website: http://skyvere.enjin.com/ Store: http://skyvere.enjin.com/shop


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