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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Spigot 1.12.1
Country US
Owner alessio2010
Category PvP Minigames Skyblock MCMMO 
Uptime 80.0%
Last update 34493 minutes ago


IP - WEBSITE - [url=][/url]Welcome to Aeroblock.  At aeroblock we offer various kinds of features from trails to playershops, McMMO as well! AeroBlock has KeepInventory enabled so everyone can have he best experience! We have active staff members and a nice forum so you can submit and requests or talk with other players. We also offer a discord for our server which you can join right here. [url][/url] We hope to see you on the server! If you have any questions you can join us on the website, discord or in game.What we offer {- Friendly Community. {We keep the server clean from cuss words, hacking, disrespect. If any of these occurs there will be a punishment  }- Active staff. {We have very active staff that you can join on discord, website or even in game! }- Gambling systems. {We offer a lottery system in game and scratch tickets! }- McMMO {We offer the best experience you'll ever get with McMMO. McMMO Is an rpg based plugin where you can gain exp for doing various tasks such as mining, digging, smelting and much more! }- SuperElytra { Super elytra allows you to fly around the world with an elytra like if you were in a jet. All you have to do is shift while in the air and you'll get a boost and will not need to land ever again. }- Events {We offer various events such as key hunts, Rank giveaways, PvP events and much more! }- PlayerShops {We allow our players to create their own shops to start a small business on the server!} - PVP {If you like pvp then you will have the best PVP experience you've ever had here on aeroblock. We offer the top notch pvp map and players to go against.} - Custom enchants {We offer over 20 custom enchantments for your tools and combat gear! Enchantments such as Experience, Piercing, Obliterate, StormCaller and much more with all different effects you can't miss out on!} - Crates {We offer 4 different crates that you can use with amazing rewards in them. Voting crate which you get a key from voting on our websites in game with /vote. Magical key, Cloud key and spawner key!} - And much more!Come and join us at !! See you there!

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