icon  Mapleblock

IP mapleblock.serv.nu
Port 41758
Players 0
Version 1.11.2
Country US
Owner Olivene
Category Survival Vanilla Hub Economy 
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 1553 minutes ago

Mapleblock Server [1.9 - 1.12]  All staff and players at Mapleblock strive for a fun, safe, friendly community. We have a semi-vanilla feel that focuses on enhancing the classic survival experience, instead of changing it. The entire server runs on 1.12, but anyone on 1.9 or above can join and play just as well.  Features+ Auction House  + Custom Pets  + Anti-Grief Claiming  + Player Vaults  + Server-Wide Trade System  + Holographic Chest Shops  + Report System  + Jobs  + Silk Spawners  + Friends GUI  + Large Biomes  + Active Staff  + Friendly Community + Furniture


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