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ReyesPvP Network
Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version HexaCord 1.7.x-1.12.x
Country US
Owner Lazy
Category Faction PvP Hub Skywars Raiding 
Uptime 83.7%
Last update 67334 minutes ago


ABOUT: ReyesPvP Network is a new Network, so to give players incentive to grind, we are giving $150 Voucher to the /F Top on both servers! Even out top player on Skyblock / Skywars will receive rewards at the end of the season. (In Game Donator Rank)  Servers: Light Demention (Factions): The Light Demention is a factions server on out Network with fully custom configured plugins! Bosses, Crates, Gambling (Bar), Custom Menu GUI's for Shops, EpicSpawners (Stackable Placed Spawners for better Grinders), Spawner Level Ups, Auctions, and MUCH MORE!  Dark Demention: To Be Released Arena PvPPractice all your PvP here against your friends, or random players! Skyblock: Custom Skyblock with more custom Skyblock maps coming soon! UHC: One of the best UHC servers active, come test out now! (More Servers in Beta!) Network IP -  Donation:  to donate type /buy in game  Commands:  /server = use this to switch between all servers! /hub = return to server hub  /rules = read this and follow them  all other commands can be found on the signs at spawn  Rules:  read /rules in game, you have no excuse. Anyone who gets banned will be banned from all servers -bump

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