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Port 40899
Players 0
Version 1.11.2
Country XX
Owner lierix
Category Survival Creative Faction PvP Minigames Skyblock 
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 3730 minutes ago

Youcraft! Youcraft.serv.gs Youcraft is a server just created a few days ago, and currently has Vanilla survival, A creative Plots region, and Skyblock, and currently working on my new factions world! Youcraft overtime will develop all sorts of worlds with minigames, and gamemodes! Friendly staff, and donator ranks to give in game items, and commands! Even if you don't donate, don't worry! This server is NOT Pay to play, youcraft is a fair and equal community where the donator's benefits, and perks will not affect the players who decide not to donate! Youcraft is so new, we don't have many players at all. So I hope you decide to come join, and help us become a lively and thriving community!!  Join today! Youcraft.serv.gs


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