LuridCraft! [Factions PvP] [NoGrief] [Custom] Minecraft banner
LuridCraft! [Factions PvP] [NoGrief] [Custom]
Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version TacoSpigot 1.8.8
Country US
Owner luridftw
Category Survival Faction PvP RPG Raiding Economy 
Uptime 84.3%
Last update 22591 minutes ago


LuridCraft!  Welcome to Luridcraft! We are a Factions No-Grief server focused on Custom Content. In our server you will find many custom features such as, A Custom World, Custom Monsters, Custom Drops, Custom Items, Custom Skills, and Custom Recipes. We are a brand new server that just opened in June 2017, We will be continuously adding content through out future updates. Our server was built for progression, Start at level 0 and fight your way to the max level. Each level increases your base HP and Damage, Combine this with our Custom Item Sets to maximize your stats. Every 5 levels you'll be given a new rank which grants the player more permissions. With each rank, you'll be able to set more homes, have a larger enderchest, and more. Features: - 24/7 USA - Old Combat System - Factions - Custom World - Custom Monsters - Custom Monster Drops - Custom Items - Custom Skills - Custom Recipes - Economy - In Game Shop - In Game Player Shops - Crates Plus much more! Come join us at PLAY.LURIDCRAFT.COM 

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