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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Spigot 1.12.2
Country CA
Owner StormyIceLeopard
Category Creative Faction PvP Faction Raiding 
Uptime 80.5%
Last update 3043 minutes ago


Welcome to the  BlizzardCraft Server(s) Creative Plot Server Provided by: ShootCraftJoin my server and type in the command: /server shootcraftand to get back to mine type in the command: /server lobbyHosting Provider  Fluctis Hosting Plans starting at less than $2Learn more at   [url][/url] Hacking on this Server(s) is NOT allowed. We tempban ALL hackers without question. Here you can create your own faction and fight either 1) Other Players or Other Factions 2) The Elements of Minecraft 3) All of the above or you can play mini games like:1) Spleef (Currently Down)2) Cube Runner3) Bow Spleef (Currently in Progress)4) Redstone Maze (Currently under Construction) Join us on Discord: [url][/url] My website is now up at [url=][/url]The donation store is also up at [url=][/url] PLEASE DO share this with friends. Rules: 1) Keep Server Family Friendly Meaning NO Cussing If you have any problems with other players or staff DO NOT hesitate to contact ME I WILL RESOLVE THE ISSUE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE Quickest way to contact me is via Twitter DM or PM [url=]@DangerAngel97[/url] Youtube Channel: [url][/url]NEW CONTACT E-Mail:

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