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Version 1.13.2
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Lotus Realms is a Survival server.  Our goal is to provide members of our community, with a fun , relaxed environment in which to play Minecraft and enjoy the game.     What You Will Find on Lotus Realms: We have some added plugins to enhance gameplay and also to protect from grief and stealing:  *LWC-to protect your things and lock your doors, etc.  *Shop Chest-for creating player made shops  * McMMO and Mob Arena-for some added fun  *The Admins use LogBlock to track any griefing and are able to rollback if any is done.    We do have a whitelist and the minimum age to be able to join is 16+  To whitelist http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers/pc-servers/2819323-new-server-lotus-realms-survival-mcmmo-mob-arena


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