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Status Offline
Port 27192
Players 0
Version Spigot 1.12
Country US
Owner heckabecca
Category Survival PvP Minigames KitPvP Economy 
Uptime 84.6%
Last update 111863 minutes ago


Ecocide Craft. Kill. Build. Destroy. Features: 800+ Achievements 50+ Checkpoints [i]Daily Diamond[/i] [i]Lucky Button[/i] [i]Shops PVP Ranks Spleef Death Match Survival Games (coming soon) Arenas Minigames Parkour (coming soon) Survival or Creative[/i]  Ecocide is an economy based server that has enhanced the vanilla survival gameplay with cool features such as double jumping, horse teleportation, and instant smelting. Build a home and visit the wild for all your collection and exploring needs. Sell items to gain in-game money which can be used to unlock special commands, catch mobs, join PVP Arenas, and play Minigames. Soon we will be hosting PVP Arena Events with CASH PRIZES for the winner. Be on the look out for when these events are planned:[url=]PVP Events[/url] [url=]Building Events[/url] Minigames we currently offer: Whack A Moo Creeper Attack Zombie Seige Tower Mazes (Peaceful or Zombies)  Arena types we currently offer: Death Match Classic Arena (Rank Kits) Skirmish Spleef Play with us now!

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