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Server Information

Status Online
IP play.furymc.net
Port 25565
Players 0/150
Version Spigot 1.16.5
Country US
Owner CoenPlayz
Category Faction PvP Faction Parkour Raiding MCMMO 
Website http://furymcc.enjin.com/
Uptime 86.7%
Last update 2277 minutes ago


My server offers a lot of features. if you join and do /shop and underneath the category "Blocks" there will be a category named "Commands/Ranks" in that category you can buy ranks for in game money you can also buy /fly /ext and /eat i also added this morning where you can buy crate keys such as legendary,Ultra, and rare. hopefully you guys enjoy my new minecraft 1.8 faction server!!!  ShopGuiPlus - This Is The Plugin We Are Using For /Shop And As i Said i Added Where You Guys Can Buy Ranks and More With In Game Money.  ExpBottle - With This Plugin You Can Do /Bottle To Bottle Your XP!  Factions - Factions Is A Game Play Where You Make Friends And Enemies, Destroy Bases And Build Bases. Make Allies And Make New Friends To Play With.  Duels(Getting Fixed) - In duels you either challenge a friend or challenge and enemy to see who is better at pvp or just for fun! you dont have to worry about using your own gear either. It provides you with gear!  Koths(coming soon) - In koths most of you know this is a pretty famous thing in factions. in koths you have to hold a certain area for a certain amount of time and you will win a reward. But remember other people want that reward too. So it is a challenge to hold down the fort. 

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