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Status Offline
Port 28517
Players 0
Country AF
Owner seth486
Category Survival Pixelmon 
Uptime 81.4%
Last update 20606 minutes ago


Awesome vote rewards! Firered will be a server dedicated to its players. Firered will always be updated to the newest version of pixelmon within a couple of days. Firered will be a grief free server dedicated to people not having to focus on their stuff being stolen and allowing them to focus on the pokemon side of the server. However you are responsible for making sure your stuff is protected and there is a tutorial at spawn. Pokemon gyms will be implemented that will be player run and I am planning on making it so that if any player wants to be a gym leader then they will get the chance to, this may take some time to implement however so thanks for the patience and builders for the gyms may be required.  All pokemon will be different point prices based on rarity but legendaries will not be super high priced so that everyone will be able to afford them, but the spawn rates of legendaries and rare pokemon will also be increased so that you can also find them in the game and capture them. For right now the only staff will be the owner until the server gets big and possibly requires more staff. Happy gaming and I hope you catch them all.

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