icon  bravenewworld

IP play.bnwmc.com
Port 25422
Players 1/100
Version Spigot 1.13.2
Country CA
Owner mrsbling
Category Survival PvP Raiding Economy 
Website http://www.bravenewworld.enjin.com/home
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 220 minutes ago

Brave New World is proud to introduce to our server. We have been running for 3 years.. play.bnwmc.com is our IP. This was theeeee hardest resets ever. We have made it survival. Over the next few days join look at spawn and then when your ready go find Your Home. Prep with /kit tools for your first time. Precious stones is ready all players get their first $500 on us. Place a homemade gold block (no more shifting) size it and your builds etc are protected. Don't forget to /sethome and we do have /tpa & /tpahere. Note that this update has changed the ENTIRE game play, If there is any issues please post them on our forums. [url]http://www.bravenewworld.enjin.com/[/url] . Next Thursday all donor ranks items etc will be given Thursday Aug 9, 2018. On that day we will be having a 15% off donor store. Like always we are still waiting on updates for our Clans, Disease and shops. However that will all come in due time. Right now we just want you to survive and get lots of sleep, lololol. SURVIVAL IS REALLLLL. Welcome Back  


IP Year / Month / Day Hour / Minute / Second
172.116.***.***.116.31.16 2019.04.18 12:38:27