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MOTD iiiBRAVE NEW WORLDiii Precious stones / PVP / Clans / Disease / Grief / Survival
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Version Spigot 1.11.2
Country country CA
Owner mrsbling
Category Survival PvP Vanilla Raiding Economy 
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SEMI VANILLA SURVIVAL SERVER Want to challenge yourself...... Looking for a community that is mature and has players of all ages and diversity. We have added a few positive survival make or breakers. THIRST & DISEASE really helps step it up to the next worries we always have a doctor on site.Our server economy is ALL player based. Own a shop sell and buy items, trade with player or villagers. With all survival there comes a time to build a clan or your own or be part of one. We also have NPC's to help you perfect that.  We also have great incentives for our players.  Like us on our Facebook page receive $250 in game money. As well as be entered into a draw for a $20 steam card. Give us a diamond on Planet minecraft receive $500 in game money.  If you bring a friend we will give each of you $500 in game money.  Every time you vote you gain in game money and point that can be used for items in our donation shop. Along when you vote we have recently added voting player ranks FREE all you have to do is vote everyday and as you reach different levels a rank will be given along with game points.  We also have precious stones on our server to help protect those builds you will able to create and the chests you will fill. Players use these stones to detour from those pesky greifers and thieves because yes that is aloud on the server. To help our players build clans and relationships with ouher players we have /tpa and /tpahere along with 1 /sethome for ALL players to use.  Any donations purchased into our donation store go 100% to the server and website monthly bills. To ensure this we have implemented a goal tracker on our website just to show you. Hope to see you and some friends on Brave New World real soon. Yours staff team MrsBling/ BackupThree8/ FOOSEBALLK9


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