icon  SquidHub

IP squidhub.mcpro.co
Port 25565
Players 0
Country AF
Owner Kizaper
Category Survival Creative Faction PvP Faction Minigames 
Uptime 99.97%
Last update 18166 minutes ago

                                                                              TheSquidHub TheSquidHub is a community based server with many fun and exciting plugins including factions and minigames creative and survival TheSquidHub is run by a player named Kizaper who is all about having a fun enviorment while also participating in the factions and minigames  He accepts one on one chats about why you think you should be accepted as a mod or admin and is always engaging in what the players want. Thank you if you read this far into the description we hope to see you on the server tell Kizaper where you came from!


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