Port 25577
MOTD FishSticksMc Beta Server For Pixelmon Generations
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Version 1.10.2
Country country GB
Owner FishsticksMC
Category PvP Pixelmon Hub Network PixelSpark 
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 5521 minutes ago

DOWNLOAD PIXELMON CHAMPIONS ON TECHNIC LAUNCHER! this is for the best experiences! [url=]Pixelmon Champions Page[/url] *Please note that the modpack will only run with 2GB+ Ram. You can change this in launcher settings on technic A fun, adult targeted server with relaxed rules and staff to give everyone a enjoyable and fun time without the fear of having to be annoyed by little rules and regulations. It's a server that is made by players for players. We want it to be a great time for all and to make it not pay to win. We host big events with amazing giveaways! specially for the monthly events! We aim to do small events on the daily. We are building our platform of servers as we go along! Eventually, we will host many servers so there is a great versatile experiences for us all to enjoy! We have a neat starter kit for when you join! Free Gear when You sign Up On Our Site: Pixelmon -Free member rank -2 free random shiny pokemon -1k claim blocks -10k $$$ From here, you start your new journey! We have more servers coming soon (like mini games)!!! Discord: [url=]join Discord Channel[/url]


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