icon  SaltCraft EcoSurvival

IP Saltcraft.serv.nu
Port 25565
Players 0
Version CraftBukkit 1.8
Country XX
Owner ZinX_TwisT
Category Survival PvP Skyblock Economy 
Uptime 99.98%
Last update 2218 minutes ago

SaltCraft: OpEcoSurvival - inGameRanks - DonatorRanks-CustomEnchantments! - Economy - Vaults - Minigames(inProcess):MobArena,HG,skywars!,manymore!  Check Out this server! It is always great to have you guys in the community! join us at saltcraft.serv.nu or ! We are ON minecraft 1.10.2 Version! Will be updated Soon into 1.11! join now and Feel The Great experience of minecrafting!


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