MogiiCraft Minecraft banner
Status Offline
Port 25635
Players 0
Version CraftBukkit 1.13.2
Country GB
Owner flamesies
Category Survival Creative Faction PvP Skyblock Economy 
Uptime 83.4%
Last update 35176 minutes ago


MogiiCraft is an LGBT+ Friendly Minecraft server, and we strive to have a good sense of community and friendliness. MogiiCraft is a server to chill out and build stuff either in survival mode, or creative. Or just have a chat with everyone. PvP is off, cause hugging is better than killing. If this sounds like your thing, then hop on at: We're running on Minecraft 1.12.2 and we have a normal non-PvP world with LWC, ChestShops and a treefeller type plugin (amongst other things), and a Plots world, where you can claim a plot of land and build in Creative mode. We have also recently added a PvP world, and a SkyGrid world. If you have any questions, i'll be happy to help you out, either on the server or in our Discord at  

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