icon  Elaerian Isles

Port 26599
Players 0
Country CA
Owner jen2673
Category Survival PvP Faction Minigames Skyblock 
Website http://elaeria.enjin.com/
Uptime 99.98%
Last update 2201 minutes ago

Welcome to Elaerian Isles. This server was made with detail and devotion and has many fun options including Skyblock,where your goal is to expand your island and make it the largest on the server! There is also Farming,Survival, and soon to be MiniGames! Then there is the darker side of the server, Factions. Most people know what is in factions,as it is an extremely popular gamemode[Coming Soon]. Join Elaerian Isles today! We have an awesome staff team that is focused on helping players have the best experience possible. And last but not least, have fun and enjoy your time on Elaerian Isles - Staff Team [Elaerian Isles]


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