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Port 25544
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Country CA
Owner FallenVFX
Category Minigames Pixelmon RPG Economy 
Website http://tempestrealms.net/
Uptime 99.99%
Last update 13339 minutes ago

Tempest Realms Pixelmon: After almost a year of work, this server has become one of the most comprehensive Pixelmon servers ever made. Map: The map itself took us months to complete, it is the most accurate yet detailed Kanto map ever. It has been based off of every generation of Pokemon that has a Kanto region, making it very diverse and a new experience. Plugins: Because the custom plugins and scripts Tempest Realms Pixelmon is a one of a kind experience. NPC's: Over 100 custom scripted NPC's make the campaign as immersive and nostalgic as the original games.  Safari: With a hand built custom safari with almost every Pokemon that is available in Pixelmon it is easily one of the most fun Safari Game experiences.


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