HerpyCraft OP Prison
HerpyCraft OP Prison

Port 25565
Players Couldn't fetch data
Country country NL
Owner Lunix46
Category Survival Prison 
Uptime 99.93%
Last update 10885 minutes ago

Hello there! Are you looking for a prison that is unique? That is something special compared to other prisons? Then you come right! We are back from the old Herpy Prison as a new established server with the name Herpy-Craft Prison. We have alot of plugins such as [list] [*]Chat Reactions | A type challenge, Type the word fastest to get a reward! [*]PlotMe | Get your personal place on your own Plot! [*]Token shop | Here you can buy rare items with the tokens you redeem [*]Vote | Vote to get crate keys and get donation things :D [*]Auto Pickup | Puts things in your inventory automatically! so no stealing! [*]RightClickSell | Right click with your pickaxe [/list] And alot more! friendly staff and community on 24/7! Hope to see you on!


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HerpyCraft OP Prison



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