FloatingLeafMC - Friendly Survival Community Minecraft banner
FloatingLeafMC - Friendly Survival Community
Status Offline
IP Play.FloatingLeafMC.com
Port 25565
Players 0
Country GB
Owner PsychoGrogan
Category Survival PvP Vanilla Economy 
Website http://www.FloatingLeafMC.com
Uptime 84.4%
Last update 32982 minutes ago


FloatingLeafMC Welcome to FloatingLeafMC We are a friendly survival server and we welcome players of all ages and skill levels.We aim to provide a safe environment for players to relax and build. We provide a grief free environment as we host a rollback plugin and world guard protections upon request. Visit our website here for more information: FloatingLeafMC.com We have a variety of plugins to make for a fun experience Plugins such as: -Essentials -Trails -Many admin plugins -Treasure chests -Killer money -LWC Container and door locks -*Many more We are a new server, we wont have a full list of players right away, but we hope to have a great community in the future. We aim to provide a safe haven for all players to have fun and make new friends. So give FloatingLeafMC a try, see how you like us!  

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