icon  Marshmallow Networks Pixelmon (5.0.0 Beta 12)

IP pixelmon.marshmallownetworks.com
Port 25565
Players 0
Country AF
Owner NathanWolfu
Category Survival Pixelmon Hub Network Economy 
Website http://marshmallownetworks.com
Uptime 99.92%
Last update 9661 minutes ago

Marshmallow Networks some of you might ask: What kind of server is that? Clearly, it must be another traditional server again, right? Wrong! Marshmallow Networks strives to give you the best experience you will ever have on any other Pixelmon server that is out there!  One of the first things that happen when you first join our community is you receive your starter Pokemon, not only that but your starter starts off as shiny! Even though you gain the most awesome starter Pokemon in the world, you also get to become a member of our community which will never be replicated anywhere else. Many reasons go into why our server is the best, our Staff team will make sure you have an amazing time on the server and invite more friends onto it and feel welcomed and not only that the current members help and make this place Marshmallow Networks.  Not only is our community putting us above the other servers the plugins we use in order to enhance your game experience beyond the traditional Pixelmon. For instance, MMO or as many people know of this plugin as MCMMO. We also offer voting rewards from when you vote and show your support to the server even more besides just playing on it and offering what you have to give for the community we have, the rewards are four rare candies and sixteen ultra balls. For many of you, we have a few different ways for you to contact other members in the community and just staff members. We have a server Discord for everyone to use, not only that but you can also go on to our website and see what we have to offer there too besides just voting, such as checking out our forums and all the different threads that are currently on there and many more that can come in the future.  Many of you might ask if we have donor ranks, well glad you asked! We do offer four ranks, Ace, Veteran, Legendary and Pokemon Master. All of these ranks all have different benefits you gain when you choose to support us even further!  Many people might want to test out their amazing team they've built on a Gym Leader, well we are glad to say on Marshmallow Networks we offer you custom made gyms by our amazing Build Team and even player based leaders, but keep in mind before testing your might on these gyms that your Pokemon are at least capable of managing to defeat level 70 Pokemon! What are you waiting for?! Join Marshmallow Networks and become a member of our community!


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