NamaiCraft Infinity Lite
NamaiCraft Infinity Lite

Port 25565
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Country country DE
Owner Arisanc
Category Survival FTB 
Uptime 99.89%
Last update 488 minutes ago

NamaiCraft Introduce: Infinity Lite !!! Explore the new world of 1.10+ with the new FTB Modpacks. With many things new and things to do, your play time will be even better than before. Join our community and be up in this new adverture in company of a group of new friends. Server IP: TS server: Server status: Public, all ages. Server Basic Rules: NO Hack clients or client side mods. (Exceptions: Maps/Optifine) NO Scam or begging of any kind. (Dont feed the laziness.) All Mobspawners MUST have an on/off system. Dont abuse of any bug that the modpack might have. YOUR land, YOUR responsability. Protect your land and build inside. Show respect to EVERY one in the server. NO racism, bulling, Sexual explicit content or similars. USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. Server Specifications: 100 Chunks you can protect for you. /ftb sethome and /ftb home /ftb back commands available to all. Unlimited overworld map. Resources world. Friendly Community.  


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NamaiCraft Infinity Lite



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