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We are a small whitelisted community hosting skyfactory 2.5 and are looking to grow our community. We are after mature minded players who enjoy playing modded minecraft without the worry of being greeted . We also offer spleef and a mob arena also to give more fun things to do and another way of earning money and rewards.  We currently also host our own 1.10.2 mod pack which you will also have available if you wish to play on that as well.  Simply join our website and sync your minecraft character to our site to be automatically whitelisted to the servers. If for some reason your not whitelisted after half an hour feel free to leave a message on the forums whitelist section or come into discord and ask one of our freindly staff to whitelist you.  Discord Channel = https://discord.gg/0qYhjidetcYxOGHh

Top Voters This Month Vote(s)
Cuddly_Socks 7
Bubble0seven 6
Endorenna 5
ElliotJames 4
youriyo20 4
UDIBro 3
Xenophariium 3
bkreiser98 3
bigsmoke425 2
sigsus 2
tyrobbb94 1
_Bleuz 1
w4LLeNNx 1
w4LLeNNx 1
w4LLeNNx 1

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