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[color=#ff00ff]Utopia[/color] [color=#ffff99]Network[/color] The new [color=#ff0000]OP[/color] Factions server [url=http://utopianetwork.enjin.com/]Website:[/url] Utopianetwork.enjin.com The server is still in Beta so report any bugs! [color=#ff0000]JOIN US NOW! IP[/color]: [color=#ff0000]Some rules:[/color] [color=#3366ff]Respect everyone[/color] [color=#3366ff]Do not swear[/color] [color=#3366ff]Do not spam[/color] [color=#3366ff]Do not advertise[/color] [color=#3366ff]No racism[/color] [color=#3366ff]Don't build 1x1 useless towers[/color] [color=#3366ff]No scamming[/color] [color=#3366ff]No bypassing (Getting banned then joining using another account)[/color] [color=#3366ff]No inappropriate skins[/color] [color=#3366ff]No inappropriate names[/color]

Top Voters This Month Vote(s)
xXhal0zXx 5
_xAdam_ 2
PricetagPlayz 1
YolkyTortoise71 1
_xadam_ 1
Luadino 1
liamailboss 1
PricetagPlayz 1
InfinitePandaMC 1

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