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The Taco Republic is a server that is 100% FREE TO PLAY. We currently offer 15 ranks that are all purchased with in-game currency. Swing by to become part of our server. Bring your family and friends and have a good time on the Taco Republic. Enjoy the free server features and play Minecraft the way it was always meant to be played-free and unrestricted! If you are not satisfied with your experience, take part in our public surveys! We value our players' opinions and hand out surveys almost constantly. Server Features:FREERanksFlyPlayer VaultsVoting KeysHead DatabaseBankHealGrief PreventionNickEventsSurveysGood StaffGUI ShopVouchersMarriageMythic MobsPlayer ShopsAuctionsCake ClickerMob Money aka MobHuntingRanksKitsMenuGUIsSpawner ShopSilkspawnersMob HunterShopHidden OresRandomTPAnvil ColorsDisguiseChest MasterEgg Catcher  (AND MANY MORE!!!) 

Top Voters This Month Vote(s)
Hypercat13 18
EXOismylife 7
Froakie54 6
ArcticPenguin084 6
GalacticDragon 5
Mcpieandhaggis 5
ThatMagmaSlime 5
FestiveHoe 5
MightWithin 5
FireflyDance 4
EXOismylife 4
patsteeves 3
MyNameIsChance 3
Sladestroker 3
DeadDestroyerz 3

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