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BattleCraft is a dark and raided world. Only some will survive, beware, for you are by yourself. Resources are scarce and factions are hungry. As you travel through the lands, you will face many challenges. How you approach these challenges is up to you. These challenges can sometimes even describe who you are. So, ask yourself one question.... How do you want to be remembered?  Choose your fate at "Battlecraft.us"

Top Voters This Month Vote(s)
Fabulord 13
staticpotato 12
mandy35 10
keagars 9
Roykee 9
ButterscotchIza 8
Thecampinglegend 8
The_Fireball123 8
itz_Panda_Boy 7
F0X04 6
hunterkiller5 6
ThatNerdTaco 6
Kixeh 6
The_Fireball123 6

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