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Vote for Space Crafters - Space Astronomy FTB Modpack (LOOKING FOR STAFF)

Space Crafters - Space Astronomy FTB Modpack (LOOKING FOR STAFF)

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Space Crafters is a Space Astronomy server.You MUST download the modpack from FTB.If you do not have FTB, you can download it from here: http://www.feed-the-beast.com/ Space Crafters is a new server, that aims at survival PvE economy gameplay. IP: **WE ARE LOOKING FOR STAFF, 10 POSITIONS ARE OPEN** **Features** * 24/7 * Dedicated * Almost No-Lag (Some Lag is to be expected outside of the US) * 5GB RAM (Will upgrade as player base gets higher) * Grief Prevention (Golden Shovel) * Temporary Ticket Store (Until we use the Essentials Shop) * Thermos! (Forge with Plugins) * City w/ Houses! (For newcomers, really small houses) * Some banned items to prevent anarchy (Look below) * Intel XEONs CPUs * Hosting Provider: AnvilNode **Banned Items** *If someone discovers an overpowered/rule breaking item, report at the owner, reward to be expected* * Nukes * Chunkloaders (Spotloaders are buyable, however) * Florbs * SDXs * Sacred Oak Sapling * Spatial IO System ( Port ) * AE Network Tool * Electromagnetic Generator * All of the Block Placers * Fronisium TNT * Obsidian TNT * OpenBlocks Item Cannon * Uranium Bomb * Nuke * Flamethrower (Mekanism) * Weather Obelisk (EnderIO) * Cursor (OpenBlocks) * Xeonium Tools **Rules** * No Spamming * No Scamming * Do NOT attempt to grief, if it is unclaimed it is free game, but please, respect others buildings * Do NOT attempt any kind of hack (Hacked Clients, Client-Side mods,external tools e.t.c) * Do NOT attempt to break the economy * Do NOT resell items 40% less than the /worth price (/worth is still experimental) * Do NOT attempt to destroy any admin buildings(Spawn,e.t.c) * Machines or buildings that create a-lot of TPS lag will be removed after 2 warnings. * PvP is NOT allowed,anywhere.Even tho PvP is disabled,trying to bypass that is banable * Our server is family-friendly,you know what that means.

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