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OxyDrug is a new OP server with many different features which are in place to enhance your experience, such as: [list] [*]Overpowered kits [*]Three different classes! [list=a] [*]Feather Feet – receive no fall damage [*]Pyro Man – receive no fire or lava damage [*]Creepermune – receive no explosive damage [/list] [*]Ranking up system. You can rank-up through the following ranks: [list=a] [*]Dealer - $10,000 [*]Distributor - $30,000 [*]Cultivator - $100,000 [*]Smuggler - $500,000 [*]Lieutenant - $1,000,000 [*]Captain - $7,500,000 [*]Drug Lord - $25,000,000 [*]Heisenberg - $75,000,000 [/list] [/list] All ranks gain access to more homes, and a kit which is dedicated to their rank! [list] [*]Drugs which can be both sold and used! [/list] [list] [*]Voting system with epic rewards [*]Parkour, both easy and hard with rewards! [*]PvP Arena to battle your friends [*]GUI shop which enables you to purchase goods on the go! [*]Oxy the boss – an epic boss with great rewards [*]Quests to complete to gain different tags and rewards [/list]

Top Voters This Month Vote(s)
RVLT82 22
SiggyBaby 18
WSCfanboy 17
asdf660 15
Rangerific 15
mikeyolom 13
ItsSuperior 12
LordBotfield 12
rc535 12
fbiagent97 12
emoryss1 12
MaddogPvP 11
SwordPvP 11
Josi3 11
TheGaysian 11

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