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Resurgence MC Vibes/Memes/Clans/Economy/Anarchy
Resurgence MC Vibes/Memes/Clans/Economy/Anarchy

IP ResurgenceMC.us:25565
MOTD Resurgence MC Dan/Politics/Fam/Anarchy [Memo] - Come back bb :3
Players Couldn't fetch data
Version Spigot 1.11
Country country XX
Owner CommieDan
Category Survival PvP Vanilla Raiding Economy 
Uptime 99.98%
Last update 1 minutes ago

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Hello all, I'm a devote loving minecraft player that goes by the name of GloDan, Dan, or Glo.  6 months ago I created a minecraft server with intentions of Immediate success. However that is not how things worked out lol. Now I have ran into server drama with other servers, and well had my own hardships of learning. Now I have grown wise in wisdom ;) So I own a server by the name of Resurgence PvP. We are a friendly, GG community with great vibes, and also fun plugins. Continue you on to learn more our join us at [IP] --> ResurgenceMC.us Join today, and receive a free member rank [Use code No Cheese] Plugins:  We offer a variety of different plugins on Resurgence PvP. Some are Clans which allows you to team up with other players, or wage war and destroy the other clans, clan home. This is great for who loves causing trouble, and confusion. The plugin lets you make clan homes in which you can try to raid other clans "clan home" The best part is! There is no claiming! Another fantastic plugin we have is custom terrain, for a new kind of exploring :D [Photos Can Be Found Below] Video VVVV https://youtu.be/ZtlVvCdXCGg We also offer custom enchants for a new level of XP grinding to the game. So keeping it vanilla, but at the next level of enchanting We offer NEW quests and missions to complete to rewards giving more to work for and complete the game There is something we have in testing thought that is soon to come such as "Space" and "Ranking up In game" Our server also offers donation ranks that are easily purchasable at our website Resurgencemc.enjin.com  Ranks go: PRO VIP MVP GOD Baller Besides that guys if you have any questions feel free to contact me: Skype: tbaby_fresh Email: [email protected] Or Join the server: Resurgence.mchost.pro  Thanks, GloDan


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Resurgence MC Vibes/Memes/Clans/Economy/Anarchy




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