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IP Play.Konerale.net:25565
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Country country US
Owner Alontrle
Category Creative Minigames Network Towny OP Prison 
Uptime 91.67%
Last update 283 minutes ago

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PRISON: This is an OP prison server that many players enjoy! If you love mining and enjoy taking your time, or getting supplies and building on your plot. If you have time to mine and the patience to do it this is your server! TOWNY: Like survival and wanna play with friends towny is your server! CREATIVE: Like to build and show off your works? Join creative! Come play at: Play.Konerale.net WEBSITE UPDATES: The players online was broken, I just fixed it by changing it to the Bungee Server and now the most player time also works! In applications you can now select what server you are applying for, so now its more accurate and the correct person can judge you! PLANNED UPDATES: I plan on adding a ticket area for bugs and issues! Any suggestions? Post in comments! Have fun playing!  


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